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Commercial Sleep Products

As a well-established manufacturer of mattresses and divans for over 50 years, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest distinction of hand crafted beds made in Ireland. We don’t believe there is a standard bed, therefore, our bed experts treat each bed as a unique project. Our highly skilled, dedicated team will work with you to create the perfect bed that will accommodate all your needs. Whatever you choose to be your ideal bed, we guarantee that it will be constructed using modern machinery, lean production methodologies and premium quality materials. We are positive that within the Homelee range of beds you will find one suited to you. To speak to one of our bed experts contact us online or at one of our stores.

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Homelee is known for its famous Pocket Spring mattresses. Our Pocket Collection has been designed to follow the profile and weight distribution from the body while simultaneously minimising pressure points improving blood circulation throughout the body. Homelee will hand-tufted or add a deep quilt, the borders are also stitched by hand to ensure that comfort and support is provided across the mattress to gain the best night’s sleep.

Wake Up & Shine

Offering a fast delivery on a great night’s sleep, we only use our own in-house trucks, driven by our team of dedicated and trained drivers. We deliver to your door while also offering a full installation service. We pride our brand on offering a fast delivery service to complete the project with a small turnaround time.

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